Founded in 1998 as an auxiliary to the St. Bernard Parish Shelter, Friends of the Animal Shelter of St. Bernard (FOAS) is dedicated to improving conditions at the Shelter, improving the quality of life of sheltered animals, and reducing euthanasia of animals in the Parish by increasing spay and neuter, educating the public, providing basic health care for sick or injured shelter animals, increasing adoptions and reuniting lost animals with their families. FOAS is an all volunteer organization and 100% of donations are used to support our efforts.

Our organization is a 501(c)3 public charity run entirely by volunteers.

 Members make up the core of any organization, and FOAS is no different.  We want you to join us so you can also take part in making the lives of animals better in St. Bernard Parish.  We always need a helping paw with something and we know your paw would be a good fit.

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